Digital Project Management

What requirements do you have for the new solution? We put together the most suitable products and partners.

For your digital transformation we mobilize the best team; be it podcast productions, graphic design for websites, 3D models, special digital visualizations, content management systems, databases, or consultancy for sustainable digital archiving strategies AI or cyber security solutions. With our network, we can organize experts who have already cooperated in proven collaboration, ensuring the best possible integration of independent digital aspects and areas. Our expertise lies in producing digital audiovisual content and enhancing analog concepts with digital possibilities and reliable software.

We fuse digital project management with experience in traditional mediation, innovative concepts, and current open standards for digital productions. The combined experience of taking care of (data) collections and telling stories on websites and virtual environments helps you save irretrievable cultural treasures. We make your cultural heritage last longer and circulate in a better way, from the technical side as well as from the communication side. We are using cutting-edge platforms and innovative storytelling concepts.

We produce digital assets like podcasts, 3D Models, or computer-based visualizations and databases, here you can find additional references.